LHC in brief

The Leading Health Care Foundation is an independent academic think-tank working to promote dialogue about how health and social care can be improved. We provide an arena where different organizations and interests can come together and exchange views with a common goal in mind: to create value for patients and for society.

Together with our partners and our academic and professional networks, we organize research projects, seminars and workshops about the challenges and opportunities in health and social care. Through fostering open and generous discussions and sharing research-based knowledge, we offer perspectives on how care systems can be developed at both policy, administrative and operational level. We do not provide ready-made answers to all questions – rather, we aim to shape better questions to ask.

Although we write mainly for a Swedish audience, a few of our publications are available in an English short version. We always welcome exchange and collaborations with international experts on topics of common interest! Please contact us for more information about our current projects and activities.


Publications in English